Week 3 (Jun 17): Analysis Symposium #1 (Su19)

Last modified on August 4, 2023

For our first analysis symposium, we will focus on a classic piece by Anton Webern: his 5 Movements for String Quartet.

Download the score from the readings folder.

I have divided everyone into groups based on your general availability.

Group Process

Your groups should use Slack to collaborate. I can view your channel but I will not be receiving notifications from it, so ping me (using the @ symbol) if you have a question.

Within each group:

  • Split in half, and have one half analyze mvt. 2 while the other half analyzes mvt. 3.
  • Analyze the pieces individually by using set theory as well as narrative/intertextuality. Create a one-page outline of important points. Save as a PDF, then upload it to the Slack channel for your group.
  • Prior to our virtual meeting, look through your groupmates’ files to prepare for a fruitful discussion.
  • Virtually “attend” a meeting between your group and myself, in which we will spend a half hour discussing your findings.

Individual analysis submission

  • By the time we have our meeting, you should upload your individual analysis bulletpoints to Blackboard.
  • After the meeting, you have the option of revising your analysis.
    • The deadline for revision is end-of-day on Sunday. If you are in the Sunday night group, though, I will accept submissions through end-of-day Monday.
    • Upload your revised bulletpoints as a second attempt, in the same place you uploaded your first attempt on Blackboard.
    • Accompany your revision with a paragraph (max 250 words) that reflects on what you changed between analyses and what you got out of the discussion.
  • Your final individual analysis grade will average your original and your revised grades.


You will be assessed individually in two parts:

  • individual analysis
  • participation in virtual meeting

A full rubric can be viewed on Blackboard.