Start here

Before beginning coursework, please complete some easy tasks to get familiar with the course content.

  1. Learn about Teams and how to sign up for our workspace.
  2. Look in the Channel List on Teams for the Introductions channel. Send a message to introduce yourself! Mention your degree program. Other ideas for an introductory message (you don’t have to do all this—only share what you want):
    • your undergrad institution
    • your home city/state/country
    • your favorite TV show/movie
    • what you pretend your favorite TV show/movie is when you want to impress someone
    • pictures of your pets
    • photos from a recent trip
    • hobbies
  3. Bookmark this website. You will need it throughout the course. You can even add it as a shortcut to your phone’s home screen.
  4. Look through the course calendar, topics, and assignments. You only have to do three of the six analysis assignments for the units on atonal, tonal, and popular music (see Syllabus for a more detailed explanation). Choose which three you will do and sign up for those assignments on Blackboard. You may choose based on your personal calendar, your interests, and/or what you want to write about for your final paper. [Fall/Spring semesters only—in the Summer course, all analyses are required.]